You know what it takes to succeed but…

Self-sabotage can set back even the most talented, well-intentioned leaders. There is a gap between knowing and doing.
"I know I shouldn't offload my stress on my team
but I can't seem to control myself."
"I know I should have that tough conversation
but I just keep avoiding it."
"I know I should state what I need clearly and firmly
but doing so feels too bossy."
"I know I should ask my team for input
but I feel I can move faster on my own."

The key is working with your whole self

Successful leaders stay true to their commitments by aligning their body and mind. This means committing to what matters, sensing what is holding you back, and practicing to build new ways of being.

I offer you resources to get you started today and coaching to help you go further.

Janne Asmala

Your coach

I have spent the last 15 years on a quest to uncover why talented leaders fail and how they can succeed. This has taken me to work as a leader in innovative startups, pioneering social enterprises, and leading corporations, such as McKinsey & Company.

In parallel, I have spent 12 years practicing and teaching somatic meditation, and studying embodied leadership development with leading teachers around the world.

Now I want to bring what I have learned to help you break through to success and deeper fulfillment on your path.

The embodied leadership coaching journey


During a 2h one-on-one session, you will clarify your commitment and learn a practice for returning to center.


Over the course of 8 biweekly 75min coaching sessions, you will build awareness of your limiting patterns and start to transcend them through embodied practices.

Ongoing support

After our journey together, you will receive a set of practices to continue growing on your own and an invitation to join alumni webinars with other leaders.
For a limited time, I am offering the kick-off session for free with all coaching engagements.

2,970 2,470 USD

for an 8-session coaching journey

"Before my coaching, I felt stuck in my career, inauthentic, and disappointed at how I lived my daily life. Janne asked all the right questions and gave me practices to center and ground myself. After just six sessions, I now confidently express myself, see a way forward with my career, and no longer feel stuck in a rut. Thank you Janne, you've been a real blessing!"

—Adrian L., Senior Manager

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NGOs and social enterprises

I work with NGOs and social enterprises on social and environmental issues. Please contact me to discuss preferential rates for qualifying leaders and organizations.